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 Corana family of viruses inculding viruses associated with COVID-19

and into to the future


SHYCOCAN® emits trillions of photons per second creating negatively charged electron cloud across closed spaces. The emanated electrons are proven to be able to attach to negative seeking s-protein and hence results in disarming the s-protein.

The secondary mode of working being based on Malter Effect; when particles such as a virus, a non or a poor conductor consisting of protein like structures, is applied to the active component of the canon which is excited to high potential at a high frequency and is subjected to photon

bombardment, results in secondary electron emission. Hence the Malter Effect that occurs with the participation of the viral and other particles in the contaminated air plays a secondary mode in its containment. Ultimate effect from the primary and secondary mode: active attenuation of 99.9% of corona family of viruses.

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Note: Owning to the evolving pandemic scenario and continous development and regulatory scrutininty, specification are subject to change without notice to the recipient of this document. Recipient are advised to maitain constant check for upgradation.