Out bound calling solution

Our outbound calling solution places automatically out calling to your customers with no manual dialing or efforts which will save time and reach out more potential customers at the same time.
Outbound calling solution

Features of Outbound calling solution

Customised IVR

The solution provides a facility to place calls along with IVR where the receiver updates his inputs through his keypad input.

Database integration
Database Integration
The solution is built in such a way where you can integrate API’s and also uploaded your database for calling and can be stored in excel sheets or google sheets or also stored in CRM
Schedule calls
Our Solution has database integration that supports outbound calls as per the time and your convenience.
Analysis reports
Download reports of calls attended and missed along with the duration of calls and analysis.
Call recording
Call recording
you can select and hear all the conversations of your agents which are recorded and stored on the cloud.
Stored responses

Download responses from the IVR menu which are automatically updated in real-time and stored in the google sheets.

Automatic Out bound calling

Triggred based out bound calling

Our solution places outbound calls automatically to your prospective clients on the given list. The calls will get connected to agents once the call is answered which saves time for your agents by avoiding manual calling, the solution also plays the message and gets the feedback from your customers automatically as soon as the transaction is completed.
Text Message

Effective messaging

The placed outbound calls will play the recorded voice to your prospects and convey your brand message. After the message ends, they have an option to connect with the agent or simply end the call. These calls also have an IVR menu where the receiver gives his/her input and basis that the further questions are asked. The given answers are updated in real-time on the google sheets to be used for future reference or analysis.