Office IVR

Office -IVR

Enhance your customer calling experience and handle innumerable calls seamlessly with our cloud-hosted IVR Solution.

Benefits of IVR

You can upgrade your customer calling experience with our IVR solution, your callers will be greeted with a customized voice message which will increase your company brand value. The solution will also be redirected and connected to the right department automatically, this will result in a faster resolution and eliminate the process of call holding or waiting, which will improve your customer call experience

Our solution facilitates the calls to be transferred directly to your agent’s Mobile phones, saving their need to stick to the office desk to attend calls. The solution provides a facility of follow-up which your agents can access and will be able to ensure timely follow-up on the missed ones. You can modify your agent’s phone numbers mapped in the solution as per requirement which is mapped to your centralized business number.

Cusomer experience

Features of IVR

Toll Free Number
Centralized business number
No need to have multiple numbers for different agents, our solution provides a facility of the virtual phone number to route calls and add multiple agents and departments.
IVR Menu
Customized IVR greeting
Enhance your caller’s experience with a customized and professional welcome voice message.
Call Rerouting module
Call routing

Connect your concerned department or agents based on inputs provided by your callers

Call recording
Call recording
For quality and training purpose you can access all the customer conversations which are recorded during the interactions with your customers. The recordings are stored in a secured cloud server.
Reports structure
Call reports
Our solutions provide a detailed report of calls department-wise which are missed, attended, and out called by your agent.
Follow up
Follow-up reminders
You will be notified for following up on the customer calls missed by your agents.