Manager customer calls via remote working with our cloud call center solution.

Our cloud call center solution is integrated with powerful cloud telephone features, which will empower your teams to work remotely, you will be able to provide Seamless access with any-time, anywhere service that delivers results.
Cloud call centre

Benefits of cloud call centre

Our Call center solution is an advanced call management solution that works online. The solution is built on a cloud platform so that you can set up remote working for your team members, to manage customer calls and prospects remotely, which helps you to manage inbound and outbound calls efficiently.

  • Manage Business calls on a cloud.
  • Zero Capex
  • No new hardware requirements.
  • CRM integration
  • Better customer experience.
  • Real-time support.
  • Call analytics 


With cloud-based remote call center software, you can add support agents to your call center from any location. Once added to the call center, your support executives can manage incoming business calls right on their phone while working at any place. To take care of business calls on the phone, MyOperator has a dedicated call management mobile application. While on tablet and PC, MyOperator live dashboard can be used. MyOperator call center solution has built-in capabilities to manage remote teams. With cloud call center solution hosted on cloud, you can monitor the performance of each remote agent, track live calls, listen to call recordings and provide necessary guidance wherever required.
You can combine our cloud call center solution with your existing CRM t with our API integration. Presently, our solutions provide one-click integration all CRM services, including Zoho, Freshdesk, Salezshark, Leadsquared, Pipedrive, and Kreator. Integration of cloud call center solution with CRM software empowers support agents to manage calls efficiently and provide seamless customer service. Such integration allows support teams to see customer account details and call history in one unified interface, letting them focus on providing support rather than juggling through multiple apps.
The call center solution provided by us is hosted in the cloud. Built with cloud telephony technology, you do require any capital or any hardware set up. With our cloud call center, you can get your call center up and running in no time our cloud call center solution works well on your agent’s phone, tablet, as well as PC. The best part is that it is updated over the cloud in real-time, and doesn’t need any work regarding maintenance since its app-like interface, even a person without any technical knowledge can efficiently use our call center solution with minimal training.
Our cloud call center solution is designed to work for both inbound and outbound call centers. Depending on your business needs, you can use it as an inbound solution to provide top-notch support to your customers or an outbound solution to make cold calls to your business prospects, With automatic call distribution functionality, the call center solution makes the call handling process smoother and faster. With the click-to-call feature, sales agents can make outbound calls with a click without manually dialing up the number.
Integrated with the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, the cloud call center solution works as a virtual receptionist. When a customer calls on your unique business phone number, they are greeted with a welcome message with your company name with an IVR menu. Depending on their inputs, customers are connected with the support agent of the appropriate department. Virtual receptionist capabilities of call center solutions remove the need to transfer incoming calls to the right agent manually and enable smooth handling of a large number of calls. A virtual receptionist can also handle calls when your support agents are away. The virtual receptionist brings automation in business calls management and reduces the on-hold time with faster on-call resolution.
Every call from a customer or prospect is a business opportunity. Missed calls mean missed business opportunities. To ensure a 100% response rate, our cloud call center provides a dedicated system to manage missed calls. In the first place, our call center solution attempts to connect the incoming calls to all available agents. If no agent is available, the caller is provided with the option to leave a voice message, and such missed calls are added to the follow-up queue. When your agents are back, they can go through the follow-up queue and make sure that all missed calls are answered. Response to all incoming calls means higher customer satisfaction and zero missed opportunities.

Features of cloud call centre solution

Click to Call
Click to call

Make outbound calls efficiently with one click without the need to manually dial-up the prospect mobile numbers.

Live Transfer
Live call transfer

Transfer the ongoing support line from one agent or department to another without disconnecting the phone call.

Crm integration
CRM integration

Integrate popular CRM services or custom software with MyOperator call center for smoother workflow.

Call Rerouting module
Remote teams

Set up & manage remote teams of sales and support agents by empowering them to manage business calls from any place.

Call masking

Ensure privacy of your customers as well as support agents by hiding their personal numbers from each other.

Live Panel
Live panel

See real-time activity of the entire call center in one place including agent performance, call logs, and call analytics.

Out bound Calling
Outbound calling

Make automatic outbound calls to your potential customers or clients and get faster response with IVR inputs.

Toll Free Number
Toll-free calls

Integrate your call center solution with toll-free service to let customers and prospects call you for free, anytime.

Professional number
Professional number

Build a better brand image with a professional business number as your callers connect with you at zero calling cost.

Call queue

Reduce call abandonment with smart call queue, quickly connecting customers with available agents.

IVR Menu
Multi-level IVR

Add multiple departments and custom voice greetings to your IVR menu as per your unique business requirements.

Call recording
Recorded conversations

Ensure better training of your sales and support team by using the recordings of your agent’s interaction with customers.